The Organ of the Church of Pomßen

by Gottfried Richter, Döbeln (Saxony) 1671

Built in 1671 by Gottfried Richter from Döbeln: 13 stops, including 3 reed stops, Tremulant, Zimbelstern, Vogelgesang. Meantone temperament based on Praetorius (1/4 syntonic comma meantone): 8 pure major thirds. Short octave. Short Pedal keys. „Stimmton“ at 458 HZ. Wind pressure: 60 mm. Pedal case was originally behind the organ. Tonal concept: between Renaissance and early baroque. Ancient Case: Flattened façade, Eierstab (frieze), folding-doors. Paintings of inside doors: Late 17th century, based on an engraving by Johannes Sadler after a painting by Marten de Vos (Antwerpen, 1585). Gallery balustrades: music-making angels, Renaissance-Instruments.

1727: Performance of two Bach cantatas on the occasion of the funeral of Johann Christoph von Ponickau: BWV 157: Ich lasse dich nicht

Changes to the Organ:

1727: Installation of a Violonbaß 8’ in the Pedal by Jochen George from Mittweida, probably change of temperament, construction of a switchable Pedal coupler

1887: Gottfried Hildebrand, Leipzig

1934: Alfred Schmeißer, Rochlitz: Installation of an electric blowers

2005/06: Restoration by Kristian Wegscheider (Dresden). 2000: Installation of four wedge bellows from 1696 from the Schlosskirche in Zwickau-Planitz by K. Wegscheider

as a permanent loan.

Re-dedication: October 1, 2006